The Unsinkable Janice Dickinson


By Noah Michelson

So this is your proposal?
Will you marry me, Simon? Even if you say no, I'm gonna getcha. I going to get you good. He's probably going to get a restraining order against me every time he sees me. Let me just tell you a little insight about Ms. Cowell. When I was doing the up-fronts for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here last June, this is pre-makeup artist OK? He came up to me in the middle of an interview and kissed me. I was like 'Whaaat? What's all this about?' And I was doing an interview and I was taken aback. I was like 'Whaaat?'

Did you confront him?
No, because he went on his way. He was producing The X Factor in the same arena but I was like, [sings] 'They say the kiss, the kiss, is on your lips.' Now if I were a makeup artist, his makeup artist, I think she's beautiful by the way, if I was his makeup artist' I was there first. He kind of said to Ryan Seacrest that I was the hottest thing on television, so it ain't over until the fat lady sings.

You've got time. They're not married yet.
Can you see me like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate? [dramatically] 'Noooo! No!' What was her name? 'Elaine!' 'Simon, no! Don't do it!' Don't you think that was funny?

You are nuts. Are you dating anyone right now?
I'm nuts? [Indignantly] Thanks a lot.

I meant it in the best way possible.
I'm dating a fireman.

Right? I met him' [several seconds of silence] I just forgot his name. That's really bad. It's the Ambien. I met Alex when I got out of the jungle, last July 2nd, at a John Fogerty concert with my best friend in the world, Suzan Hughes. We were just rocking out to Fogerty when all of a sudden this hottie with ice blue eyes, like so cute you would die, sits down right in back of me. And he smiled at me, and he has a dazzling smile. [Gasps] He didn't know it was me, Janice Dickinson, and after a couple of minutes he was like, "Am I supposed to know who you are?" I was like [gasp]. I like that. Either that or he's a damn good liar or an actor. We went to get a beverage and the rest is history. I've been with him ever since.

What are your thoughts on Ricky Martin's exit from the closet?
We've always known Ricky was gay. Come on! [Sings] Living La Vida Lie! Poor thing. I want everyone out there in history to please, if you're gay, please come out. It feels so good. So I applaud you Ricky. We applaud Ricky Martin finally.

I know a lot of male models are gay but they won't come out -- they would never do the cover of Out. You've been in the industry a long time -- have you encountered a lot of trepidation about coming out?
Being involved with Out magazine, being able to say, [lowers voice conspiratorially] OK, OK, you all read my book and you know I've had a threesome -- you know I've had scenes with women. It's the most freeing thing you could ever do in your life -- coming out. Come out, come out wherever you are. So I'm imploring everyone, please tell somebody. Doesn't matter if you openly come out. That's cool. Because on my show, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, [one of my models] J.P. [Calderon] came out on my show and he was a world class volley ball instructor in Southern California, a champion, and a male model with Ford, la, la, la, but he came on my show. I didn't have the ability to out anybody -- he asked me. I said, "Listen, a magazine came to me and said, we only put openly gay men on the cover, out gay men and you have the ability to have the cover of a magazine and several pages inside, will you do this?' And, it was a really hard moment. And I'm going to sob [gets choked up]. It was really hard for him and I could see him going through all the changes. And he simply said, 'I'll do it.' It's enough, if you're gay, -- "I'll do it." Just come out. That's all. So I really, I'm begging any male model or female model in the fashion industry or in the dental industry or any industry -- come out. It feels so good. Bravo Ricky Martin!"

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