Andrew Mukamal: Kell's Angel


By Noah Michelson

You started taping Kell on Earth almost immediately after you started at People's Revolution. Were you wary of being on the show or did you dive in headfirst?
At that point it was kind of like, Oh, I guess I got a job. Oh, I guess there are going to be cameras here. It was happening, and I couldn't really stop it. I guess the only option I would have had would be not to work here? At that point, if you weren't going to be on the show, then you couldn't work here. And I'm pretty shameless -- I'm pretty honest. I was like, Oh, that's pretty funny. This will be interesting. I had no foresight into how I would feel when the show was actually airing. I still don't know -- the show hasn't actually aired. But now there's press happening. Now there's talk, there are ads, people are coming out from under the dust from my past being like, 'Um, I'm pretty sure I saw you in an ad.' But there wasn't really a thought process or any trepidation.

Kelly's been on a ton of TV shows. Did she give you any advice about being on a reality series?
No real advice. Everything on the show was real. And it was almost to the point, because there was so much stress, especially at the beginning of the filming, that you couldn't even think about the cameras. We were all exhausted and stressed out, and I was totally out of my element: new people, new business, new everything. And there was just kind of ... being. I love telling people that and being able to feel really confident that that's actually how it happened, because it's the real People's Revolution. And I know that, and that's why when we watch it we are all on our asses laughing, because it's hysterical. We lived it. It's edited in a way that makes it more entertaining because now we can look back and we aren't actually living it. But there wasn't any training or any conversations. It was juts kind of, 'Oh, here's the mike. We're going to put a mike on you today. Get to work.'

What are the most important or memorable things that Kelly has taught you in the short time you've been at People's Revolution?
Kelly is just totally fearless. She doesn't apologize for anything. Kelly and I, we have a lot in common anyway, we're like two peas in a pod, and I think that's kind of -- she reads energy really well, and she likes to think that she's psychic. I don't know if I believe in people who are actually psychic, but she definitely reads energy and can feel people immediately. And I definitely think she saw that right off the bat, the day I walked in. And I can't even tell you how much I learned from her. You know, just because working with somebody so closely, she juggles so much, she handles so much --like a task that I think is totally impossible, and I'm sitting at my desk like I'm not responsible for doing this at all, but I'm part of helping the person who is responsible, and I'll be handling the phone calls and scheduling everything, and I start to panic, being like How is she going to pull this off? And then always, no question, she does it. And it's only that thing like, 'Whoa, I remember when you first started discussing this, I thought it was like a sick joke.' And that kind of thing happens every day. So it really just teaches you to push yourself. Every day push yourself -- or else what's the point? What's the point of doing anything?

Finally, in the first episode of the show you're trying to hook it up with one of the male models. Are you single? What effect did the show have on your love life?
When I first started, so much of my time was spent here, and it got to the point where I was so run-down, and I wasn't in that mode of 'I can work for 15 hours and then I'll go out for a drink! And then I'll go out and meet people! And then I'll go and do that stuff.' Because I've never worked like that in my life, you know? Especially five to seven days a week, under this kind of pressure. So there was a lot of, 'I want to go home and crash and just try and recuperate and do it all again tomorrow.' But I think things have gotten a little bit calmer. I got to experience the between Fashion Week period, and, yeah, I'm seeing someone, but, I'm single. I did not hook up with [that model] -- much to my dismay, because he's hot. [Laughs].

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