Need To Know: Grum


By Gregory Miller

Do you prefer doing remixes or making original pieces [listen to Grum's single, "Sound Reaction" here]?
I enjoy parts of both, really. Playing with remixes, I like to challenge myself because when you change a track and make something new, it puts it in a different place. I think it's good to build that -- it's like a challenge. But with original tracks, I feel like I have a bit more room to be creative, and that can be good. But I think all in all, I like to do my own tracks because I like to get my own ideas down.

It seems like your music has a really big '80s new wave vibe, especially with the 'Bad Romance' remix.
That's probably one of my favorite decades of music so it's a massive influence on me. I just get inspired by different kinds of bands. I love Duran Duran, stuff like that. I just like all the big, warm synthesizer sounds and the melodies.

What would you say is the craziest thing that influences you?
I would say the sort of trance music I liked when I was younger is so kind of out there. I think what that sort of taught me is that you can have big moments and contrast, and it doesn't have to be rave noises. It can be more melodic and uplifting.

Tell me about your album cover. I read that if you take a picture of the artwork -- whether it's in a magazine or on a billboard or wherever -- using your cell phone and a certain application, you'll be linked to your site and can purchase songs instantly.
We were working an artist called David Ross who came up with the idea, and I really liked it. I wanted to go for it. I think it's quite good to bring new technology into this sort of marketing campaign. I think it's one of those things that's very much growing. Maybe not 100% successful, but it was [an option for] a lot of people to check out my music. I think it's good to do these things and try new ideas. It will be something you kind of look back on because it's interesting. I think it makes great artwork, as well.

Have you found success with that at all?
I think it's kind of peaked some. I think the idea was more just the premise to just do it and see what happened. Obviously we don't have a huge campaign budget, so it was a case of my manager and my label [trying] things. It's attracted some attention, so it's done quite well.

You recently tweeted that you were getting a Jonas Brothers T-shirt. For real?
[Laughs.] Yeah.

Big JoBros fan?
Well, I was looking on the website, and I thought it might be funny to get a T-shirt for gigs, you know? Might get some interesting song requests. I wouldn't say I was so much a fan. [Laughs.]

So who would you rather remix, Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus? You have to pick.
[Laughs.] I'd probably go for Miley Cyrus because I think her voice would go a lot better with my production. [Laughs.]

For more on Grum, check out his MySpace page or his official site.

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