Catching Up with Zero 7


By Gregory Miller

And now you worked on a few things with Eska. What is this we hear about her and a Britney Spears CD?
[Laughs.] To be honest, I wasn't actually there for the Britney Spears moment, but Henry said Eska came down to the studio -- he has a studio out in the country at his house where we work, and I was abroad at the time, and those two got together. He said that, as I was saying before, we hadn't worked together before so he didn't know how they were going to get on in the studio. And I called him once while I was away to see how it was going, and he was just saying, 'It's going great! We spent all of last night sitting in the studio playing each other CDs.' And he was like, 'She totally turned me on to this Britney Spears shit!' [Henry and Eska] both have had a really strong pop sensibility, and they love good pop songs and production and stuff. I think they just had a really good bonding moment over their shared love of this Britney Spears track. I think it's called 'Piece of Me'?

Ah, that's a good one.
I don't really know it, but I've heard him mention it before. [Laughs.]

What was it like getting the Grammy nod in 2007 for your album, The Garden?
It was fantastic. The best thing we experienced to do with that record was definitely over there in the States -- one being the tour we had with Jos' Gonz'lez and Sia -- which was, easily, the best tour that we've ever had. We really felt like we were starting to get somewhere with the live thing. And then coming home, and hearing about the Grammy nomination -- it was one of those things. We didn't expect that we were going to win a Grammy, but somehow just to get that recognition of your work is meaningful. Especially with everything seeming to be declining with sales, you just don't have as much of a gauge of how much people are listening or [if] it's making much of an impact. Especially for a band like us -- we're not a big kind of chart band, we don't tend to have big radio records or singles. Each album though, it's getting less and less. So to have something like that, although it's not directly related to fans, it does make you feel like somebody is out there listening.

You weren't just the littlest bit pissed that you lost?
No, no, no. We were in a category with, like, Madonna and shit. It was just cool to be sort of acknowledged. And it kind of put a nice bookend on that period of that record.

But the soundtrack for Garden State, which you contributed to, did win. That must have been exciting.
It did win one what?

Um, a Grammy.
It won a Grammy, did it?

Yeah, the soundtrack for Garden State. You didn't know?
No, I didn't know that. [Laughs.] Honestly, I had no idea. You know, another thing, I've never seen Garden State.

No, and actually somebody gave me a DVD of it when we were on tour over there last time. I haven't watched it. In fact, I'm going to pull it off the shelf now, and watch it tonight.

Probably a good idea.
It's one of those things -- a lot of people, especially in the States, have commented on the use of our track in that film. It sounds like it's been a really positive thing for us. A lot of people have gone over to our music through that film. Although I haven't seen it, I'm very proud [laughs] -- just from what people tell me.

Zero 7's new album, Yeah Ghost, is available in stores and online now. Their North American tour kicks off in Washington D.C. on Thanksgiving Day. For more info on the band and a full list of tour dates, head to their website.

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