The Raveonettes Are In and Out of Control


By Tim Murphy

Do you think she'll be OK?
I hope. She's young and wild and spiraling out of control but she's so good at what she does, I'm sure the music will win her in the end.

I want to ask you about some of your lyrics. Like from "Last Dance," there's: "Every time you overdose/I rush to intensive care/Another sad-eyed stare/Before you disappear."
I've had a few relationships with girls who were drug users or had just come out of it. I even had a relationship where I helped the girlfriend get out of it; she'd OD'd on a heavy dose of meth.

Shit! Is she OK now?
She's been sober for almost three years.

Have you ever had a heavy drug period? I have!
No, I was never crazy into drugs. I had a cocaine period when we first started out and toured a lot and everything was exciting, but I quickly realized that I can't do it because I have a crazy addictive nature and if I really got into it, it would take me over and kill me. I drink a little too much though, I think.

What do you like to drink?
I love to drink Bellinis at the Bowery Hotel, that is my number 1. Other than that, I'm pretty boring with the drinks, usually just vodka cranberry. And I love good wine.

Do you think maybe you're drawn to girls in trouble?
Yeah, absolutely! I look back and say, "Oh my God, that was another sad case." So it's funny with this new girl now because she's such in control of her life and so healthy and sweet and happy. It freaked me out because it's so new to me. I can't believe it, the girl has no issues, what's going on?

And then from the song "Suicide," we have, "Run run run away, little girl/Have your fun in this trashy world/Empty-hearted boys by your side/Lick your lips and suicide." Hello, Sune!
Again, that's from my personal experience of seeing people being too caught up in not taking care of themselves, letting people treat them like shit.

Why do you think you're so drawn to these tragic girls?
I don't know, I think it's probably excitement. I grew up in a fairly normal family in small-town Denmark, and I always dreamed about all the crazy stuff, partying and having sex with a lot of girls.

So that's maybe your gayish hedonistic side?
I can still throw on my dance shoes and love it.

You have any gay idols?
Uh, let me -- well, I love Marc Jacobs.

I just really like his clothes, his style. He's absolutely great and I would love to do something with him one day, maybe we can create some cool Raveonettes collection.

What would that look like?
Probably fairly simple. You know, keep some pretty simple colors, maybe black and white or something, and really nice fabric. I can see it flowing.

You think you're drawn to him because he's a former bad boy with the drugs and hustlers and all that?
I do. I think there's something extremely admirable about that, that people can pull themselves from that hellhole and emerge in a completely different life. It takes guts and self-esteem to do that.

Perhaps you should intervene with Amy Winehouse, Sune.
I could. Give me a call, Amy.

How would you help her?
I don't know. Probably just shower her with compliments and see where we could go from there.

In and Out Of Control is now available digitally and in stores. For more information on The Raveonettes, including tour dates, head here.

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