Pam Ann Touches Down


By Joseph Hassan

Speaking of tests, what have been some of the harder moments for you?
I've suffered a little bit of stage fright -- that's through stress. And there's nothing worse. That can eat you up. I was touring a 45-date tour through the U.K. That was hard; that was lonely. It can get very lonely doing comedy every night.

One of things that I'd assume is difficult is trying to portray and project humor when you're not feeling particularly good. Is that the case?
That can be shit, actually. But it also can be amazing because if I've had a fight with boyfriend or something you go out on stage, for that hour you can just block yourself out so actually it's actually nice, you get out there and go 'Ah'' It's a relief.

You just finished up your first European tour ' any surprises on that tour?
In Germany, I opened in Hamburg ' we sold out 19,000 tickets before we even got there. I was gob-smacked. It was amazing. I felt like a rock star. You just don't expect it. There were people screaming' and rows of people who had made T-shirts.

What sort of new material will you work in for the U.S. run?
I've never traveled like this throughout America' I had some cabin crew email me from, I think Frontier [Airlines]? So I'm going to put some classic things into the show, but the first part will be really about the airlines that are based in each destination. I'll talk about Denver, and the gays -- and what the gays do in Denver, because fuck knows what the gays do in Denver. And Los Angeles is a whole different bag. I mean, they turned away the [double-decker Airbus] A380 because it was too fat. 'MD-80s only'' That's so Los Angeles. And then Miami, I've never performed there' Pam is just going to be really naughty there. That's going to be hot.

Whoever planned the cities on U.S. tour made a smart move.
Yeah, we are trying to hit the hubs. We want to hit the hubs for cabin crew. Although, I couldn't see myself doing something in Utah' I'd like to try some difficult places for the next tour.

Is there a city that you're looking forward to in particular?
I'm really looking forward to San Francisco. That's the Mecca. The Castro -- it's iconic. It's very exciting.

The theme and the character are such a cool concept -- but is it a surprise to you that it's taken off to this extent?
It's a surprise, but, you know, you work and you work, and if you work hard enough'What Steven Soderbergh said was, he said, 'Talent plus perseverance equals success.' And that always stayed in my head. I thought, if I keep doing it long enough, something's going to happen.

With that in mind, where do you see the character going?
My ultimate dream would be a Hollywood movie, an Austin Powers sort of thing' an homage to the old 1970s movies and mix a bit of comedy in. Take Pam and put her in a real feature film. Maybe Quentin Tarantino could direct it? [Laughs]

Pam Ann's first-ever U.S. tour kicks off in Boston on October 10, 2009 with scheduled layovers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. For tour dates and tickets, head to Pam Ann's website. For clips of her comedy, head here.

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