Vogue Evolution Strikes A Pose


By Parker Anderson

Your crew, in large part, started at the POCC (People of Color In Crisis) center. Can you talk a little bit about Vogue Evolution's HIV/AIDS work?
Dashaun: Each and every one of us are peer educators and contributors to the HIV and AIDS awareness industry. You have a person like me who has been working in the field for a while, like Pony and Malechi, and it is the number 1 spotlight into the house and ballroom community. And we played our major parts with POCC, GMHC [Gay Men's Health Crisis], The Hetrick-Martin Institute -- organizations that help us or educate us and allow us to get this information and provide it to others.

What about including HIV/AIDS education in what you're doing on the show?
Dashaun: You'll have to watch to see.

Is Vogue Evolution just the five members seen on the show or did you choose from a wider pool of members?
Dashaun: Vogue Evolution is our community. It's every voguer who has ever touched the runway and we chose to deliver the message. So far these people were handpicked for this package, but Vogue Evolution is every person that's stepped on the floor in our community. Vogue Evolution is about voguing -- just evolved. It's what we're doing, not who we are. We are the evolution of Vogue.

The ball scene is normally split into houses, which have mothers and fathers, and the houses compete. Are you all from the same house or do come from different houses or is Vogue Evolution sort of its own house?
Dashaun: No, we're all separate. All five of us come from different houses.

Which houses?
Dashaun: Leiomy is in the house of Mizrahi, Malechi is in the house of Garcon, Prince is a Milan, I'm in Ibizu, and Pony is legendary father Zion.

In ball scene there are different competitions that go on. Is the type of dancing that you do on the show simply voguing or are you bringing in aspects of some of the other competitions at well?
Pony: We're a voguing group, but we're going to bring every kind of style that we can bring. It's going to be voguing/hip-hop, voguing/modern, voguing/river dancing, you know, voguing/flamingo, honey.

Looking beyond the show, where do you hope to go from here? Have you thought about what your next step will be?
Malechi: Oh no, we live in the moment. We all have goals and aim for the clouds but reach for the stars. So we're not really thinking about afterward because it's a lot. We're still gagging ourselves with everything that's going on -- from the press to the photo shoots and just being loved by so many in front of so many. That right there is just it for us right now. But you're definitely going to be hearing a lot more from us after this.

If as a group you had one thing to say to the community at large about the ball scene what would it be?
Malechi: To vote and send our love. Tell everybody to use their heads and then vote.

Pony: We're here, honey! We are here, baby. Our doors are open, run through them.

America's Best Dance Crew airs on MTV on Sunday nights.

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