$earching For Mr. Right


By Gregory Miller

So what's going to make Megan Wants a Millionaire more interesting than other VH1 dating shows like I Love New York or Daisy of Love?
Well for one, I'm very serious and determined to find my husband on the show. And I think because it's not like a copy of all the other shows -- it's a totally original idea where the guys have to spend their own money on the show, and they can buy me presents. They get to use their credit cards, and I think it's way better.

Were you surprised that not all the bachelors on Megan Wants a Millionaire were young and hot?
No, I realized that in the percentage of people in general, there's not that many hot people. So I don't know why it wouldn't go for millionaires as well.

What do you think of Paris Hilton comparisons? Do you like them or do you hate being compared to her?
I think that she's really... hot. And I think that people should be nicer to her. I don't know why everybody's so anti-her and mean and critical. I don't really see anything comparable about me to her. I think she's good on her own, but I definitely see myself as a totally separate person and personality.

What does Megan Wants A Millionaire have to offer gay viewers?
Why should gay guys watch my show? Because it's really funny, and I think everybody should watch it. And it's really over the top and ridiculous, but real at the same time. I think that gay guys have a really good sense of humor and appreciate how ridiculous I am. [Laughs.]

And without giving anything away, did you find love on the show?
I did find love. I fell in love every single day with every single gift I was given.

Finally, who would you rather get it on with: Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

New episodes of Megan Wants a Millionaire air Sundays at 9 P.M. Eastern on VH1.

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