Spring Fever


By Joshua David Stein

You might not recognize Yuval David, the star of The Awakening of Spring, but you've certainly heard him. And just as possibly, you may have seen the young star, but you haven't really heard him. The 26-year-old has done voice-overs for everything from McDonald's to Gillette, but in his most notable onscreen appearance -- as George on Days of Our Lives -- he is completely absorbed into the handsome Gallic seduction of his character. Though the good looks are natural, the French accent is not. 'The Awakening of Spring,' which premieres July 31 on here! TV, 'is one of the only times I've acted with my normal voice,' he says. The movie is a filmed stage adaptation of the prose script on which the hit musical Spring Awakening is based. There's all the drama but none of the singing. Not that Yuval is afraid of the more whimsical arts. He got his start on stage as a toddler, appearing in his mother's (Ziva Cohen of Ziva's Institute of Spanish Dance) flamenco productions in Washington, D.C. 'She put us in for cute value,' he says, 'but I could really turn it out.'

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