Sealed With a Kish


By Joshua David Stein

It's a classic case of liking the band you don't know you know. Kish Mauve's sticky blend of moody pop and electro-rock has sprung up in seduction scenes in Dirty Sexy Money and Lifetime's Army Wives and appeared in a recent Rimmel London cosmetics ad with Kate Moss. In 2007, our favorite Aussie diva, Kylie Minogue, made the London duo's song '2 Hearts' a hit (their own version was used by Dell).

'I think our music and lyrics are very catchy,' says Mima Stilwell, who with real-life partner Jim Eliot forms Kish Mauve. 'There's a definite happy-sad contradiction in the writing, so the songs feel emotional and stirring, good for TV and advertising.'

And good for the dance floor too. Nearly every one of the 11 songs on Kish Mauve's debut album, Black Heart (out now on Conehead), seems destined for a club-bound makeover'think of them as the White Stripes for the going-out set. With more hooks than an Amish overcoat, Fred Falke's excellent remix of 'Lose Control,' for example, could very well become the house smash of the summer. And by that time, you'll know exactly who you're listening to.

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