Endless Summer


By Parker Anderson

The Real World is no stranger to drama. In fact, the show practically invented TV reality drama. Even though The Real World: Cancun marks the show's 22nd season (practically ancient by television standards), the franchise shows no signs of slowing down. And what better way for MTV to induce a new batch of ratings-grabbing antics than introducing eight angsty post-adolescents to booze, sexual tension, glass showers, and nightlife all set in a vacation paradise?

One of the new housemates, 21-year-old Derek, isn't surprisingly, like many a Real World alum, a hungry fame hound -- at least not yet, and not by trade. A waiter and aspiring sports medicine practitioner, Derek's on- and off-screen persona aches of the brutally honest nice guy. The Arizona native recently chatted with Out about his extended stay in Mexico, his sexual adventures south of the border, and why he isn't your 'typical flamboyant gay.'

Out: Was living in Cancun like really a long vacation?
Derek: Yeah, it's like spring break -- everyone's in vacation mode.

Was it weird putting your life on hold to go on this crazy adventure?
Yeah, because I'm the kind of person that once I start something I don't want to stop until it's done. As soon as high school was done I started college. I haven't really had any breaks to myself and I was like, 'If anything, this is going to better my life in a lot of aspects, it's going to open a lot of opportunities for me, I'm going to meet people out of this, and it's going to be a crazy ride.' Say The Real World ended in a couple more seasons, that's like what -- almost 200 people who got to experience something like this? -- some 200 people out of the entire nation, so, to be one of them is amazing.

What was your craziest moment not caught on camera?
There actually was one, and I don't know if I'm allowed to say it or not. There was a time when were in the Jacuzzi and in the pool, they had de-miked us because we were there all day so the producers and the camera crew left. There was a guy there that I could tell was gay. He was giving me this eye and I ended up going to talk to him and we left the pool area and went back to his room for a 'meeting' -- we'll just say it was a 'meeting.' They were kind of mad that they didn't get that on camera.

But other moments like that were caught on camera?
Yes, there was one guy that I actually met down there that I am still currently talking to. I don't think it's anything relationship-wise at the moment because he's in Washington D.C. right now and I'm still in Phoenix. I'm not the type of person who wants to get into a long distance relationship, but we still talk. Hopefully the way that they show him on the show is going to be good because he's a really good person and I'm glad I met somebody like him in Cancun.

But for all intents and purposes you consider yourself single?
Yes. I am single -- I'm on the market.