Queen of the Night


By Parker Anderson

It doesn't seem like she's in any sort of pain at all.
Yes. Well -- not any bad pain.

You and Stephen are in a relationship off-camera as well. The passion you have on the show is palpable -- did it transition from on-screen to off-screen or vise-versa?
We met at his screen test when they were doing, essentially, a chemistry read to make sure the Sookie they had cast was going to click with the Bill they wanted to cast, and shockingly enough we ended up liking each other. But, it kind of all happened at the same time -- it's kind of hard to say which came first because when you click with someone and you have that sort of ' vibe -- that's just how we've always been around each other. Nothing's really changed except we live together now.

Was your first kiss then on-screen or off-screen?
Ha. I'm not telling you that.

Oh come on, it's nothing lewd.
Yeah ' No ' I -- why would I want to ruin the whole mystery and allure of 'did they or didn't they?' But also it's the fact that if you work an eighteen-hour day job six-months out of the year where else are you going to meet people?

Whether it's the power to touch someone and almost kill them or read their minds and invade their privacy, in your largest roles you've been an outcast. Is this outsider theme something you are personally invested in or drawn to for a particular reason?
I don't know -- it's kind of hard to say. My life has been very blessed and I'm very lucky, and things have been, by most standards, incredibly easy for me as far as what I've been allowed to do with my life. I guess maybe it's not as interesting to tell stories about people who have perfect lives and for whom things have always been easy. The stories that I think are interesting and that are important to tell are the people who have to struggle to get to where they want to be, and to be allowed to live their own lives the way they want to live them.

Have you noticed a larger gay following because of this?
Well, apparently there were a lot of boys in New York dressed as Sookie for Halloween last year. And, I've got to say that's the highest compliment there is, you know, whether or not I like that some of them had better legs than me and were prettier. I will get over that.

Well, you know, we can't resist those short shorts.
I mean come on. I think when you have boys dressing as you for Halloween that's pretty cool.

It's a good diva moment. Other than the obvious choice, who do you think is your sexiest cast member?
That's a completely unfair question. We have some pretty sexy ladies on our show; let's not leave out the girls and their amazing and gorgeous ways. I mean Tina and Terry and Mishka and all the unfortunately dead girls from last season, those were some pretty hot ladies. That's other than the obvious guys who never keep their shirts on. Our show does not want for eye candy, no matter what you're into.

Are you saying that you are into your brother a little bit then?
No, I'm just saying that objectively he has a very nice physical situation going on. I mean he never wears a shirt on our show so we've all seen it a lot.

True Blood airs on HBO Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EST.

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