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Perhaps no one has a flair for drama like New York City's Zelda Kaplan, the veteran culture vulture who regularly swoops into Big Apple galas flaunting lofty hats made from African fabrics, necklaces she's procured from headhunting Konyak tribes, and, of course, her signature king-size specs. Sure, it's a lot of look, but with 92 years' experience under her belt, how can anyone expect the Divine Miss Z to contain herself? And who better to assess this month's crop of showy offerings? Here, she examines a television series based on the life of swishy style guru Simon Doonan, the return of Samuel Beckett's classic head-scratcher Waiting for Godot, and the definitive boxed set from flamboyant synth-pop duo Erasure.

Beautiful People, the new TV comedy inspired by the kooky adolescence of Barney's creative director, Simon Doonan:
'I like that the show's teenage boys (Simon and his neighborhood pal Kylie) call each other 'girlfriend' -- it's cute and instinctual -- and that the parents encourage Simon to be himself. However, this is just silly gags, contrived action. The message could be given with a better plot and better lines. I find it rather boring. Five out of 10.' Beautiful People premieres May 26 on Logo.

Waiting for Godot, the Broadway revival of Samuel Beckett's celebrated 1952 comedy about two men waiting for an unknown character named Godot, starring Nathan Lane:
'This show will never go stale because the playwright expected the audience to bring its own interpretation. To me the story is about working toward a goal but not knowing whether you'll achieve it or not -- but that's the glory of life. Six out of 10.'
Waiting for Godot is playing now at Studio 54 in New York City.

Total Pop! Deluxe Box, Erasure's career-spanning, four-disc boxed set, which includes all their singles, extra live performances, and a DVD of BBC appearances:
'Very nice. The presentation is bright and unique; the arrangements are driving; and Andy Bell's voice is soothing and melodic. Most listeners up to age 50 would like it. I have no idea why people think this is gay music, but anything is possible. Now, when Bell performs in drag, how does he get such big boobs? Six out of 10.'
Total Pop! Deluxe Box is out now on Rhino.

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