The New Screen Queens


By Noah Michelson

Are there any famous comic duos you're especially influenced by?
Jeffery: The other day we had an 'Aha! Moment' about the fact that we think --
Cole: [Laughs Can we quote Oprah? Is allowed to quote Oprah?
Out: Totally.
Jeffery: We had this 'Aha! Moment' when we realized that we were subliminally influenced by Laverne and Shirley. It was just kind of so obvious that we didn't even realize it [until now.] Because they're both --
Cole: Cute -- they're not like hot, they don't have a lot of redeemable qualities -- they're always messing up.
Jeffery: They're always broke and trying to patch their shit together in the easiest way they can come up with. I think other influences we have -- one of the big things that Cole and I bonded over and things that we both really loved were --
Cole: Early '90s actresses --
Jeffery: Definitely. And Pee Wee's Playhouse, Shelley Duvall in general -- all that good stuff.

With the Internet anybody can be a star now -- you just get a camera and start uploading videos to YouTube. But it's not always 'reality.' How true to life are your characters? Are these two people actually you or versions of you or --
Jeffery: I think they're influenced by us, but I don't think they're completely --
Cole: That's a pretty heavy question. I think we're both going to become the characters we've created and then --
Jeffery: Sure. Of course, because we're both terribly insecure. [Laughs]
Out: Oh, well, then you've picked a good industry.
Jeffery: [Laughs] The characters are obviously influenced by who we are in real life, but we aren't always that on. Though, the people we go to dinner with would probably beg to differ.
Cole: [Laughs] Yeah. They're like 'Those assholes!'

Have you had any negative feedback? Do you read the comments on your videos?
Jeffery: I'd say for every positive comment there are four 'You're not funny' or 'Faggots Die!' comments.
Out: Those are always fun.
Jeffery: Yeah, those ones are great. We were a bit more susceptible to reading the comments when we first started making the videos but I try not to read them now because I think I get more personally affected than Cole does. [Laughs]
Out: Cole likes the abuse?
Cole: I do. [Mock earnestly] I like people telling me I'm not good enough because it just makes me work harder.
Jeffery: It just makes me eat. A lot. And I don't need any help with that.

What about the other end of the spectrum? Do you have any stalkers? Do you get recognized when you go out now?
Jeffery: I don't think we have any stalkers. Online, because we're such active Facebookers, and we're so easy to contact, we definitely get a lot of people who like the stuff writing us on Facebook. But we've had some spooks across the country who've liked our stuff too much. People are more comfortable contacting people online -- it's the same reason why you can say nasty things with comments as well. Or really nice things, as well.

Recently at the Logo New Now Next Awards you did a bit about trying to get Cheyenne Jackson's attention. What do you look for in a man besides him being Cheyenne Jackson?
Cole: Oh, I don't know. I think Jeffery is more into Cheyenne Jackson than I am.
Jeffery: Neither of us are that into Cheyenne Jackson.
Out: Whoa. I hope he's not reading this.
Jeffery: I think he's very pretty and I think he's very talented but --
Out: So who are you into? Give me the dirt.
Jeffery: A celebrity?
Out: Sure. You could tell me someone who's not famous but I probably won't know him and that won't be very exciting.
Jeffery and Cole: [Laugh]
Cole: I like people who make me laugh or seem like a good time.
Jeffery: Anytime I think about who I would want to hang out with -- my ideal man is Regis Philbin but that's because we could go to The Carlyle together.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I want you each to tell me your favorite casserole.
Cole: Something Mexican-themed. Like a taco meat casserole with Fritos corn chips on top.
Jeffery: My favorite is my mom's sweet potato casserole that she makes for Thanksgiving. But now that I don't come home for Thanksgiving, she makes it for Christmas. It's topped with crushed pecans and it used to be topped with Frosted Flakes back in the day.
Out: Maybe you'll have to send us the recipe so we can feature it online.
Jeffery: I don't think I'm legally allowed to do that -- it's a family recipe.
Cole: We'll send you a casserole.
Jeffery: In like four years -- it'll take us that long to buy the ingredients and make it.

Jeffery and Cole Casserole premieres Friday, June 19 at 11:00 PM ET/PT and at

The duo's latest stage play, Jeffery and Cole Make It Bigger plays for three performances, Thursdays at 10 PM beginning July 16 at Dixon Place. For more info
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