Del Marquis' Sale Of The Century


By Chris Azzopardi

How is your alter-ego Viz -- seen in the digital shorts that accompany the music in the series -- different from you?
He's kind of like the id. His songs are very humanistic and very heart-on-sleeve, and you kind of see this character before he goes through this transformation and I think that, in a way, it was a parallel to why I started this music. I felt like I was going through a transformation of my own, and in order to kind of capture that and help me understand it I recorded these songs. So in a similar way you're seeing this character who's kind of an emotional, fully dimensional human go through a transformation and become a negative conveyor to society, and he's not really sure how he got there [laughs]. And so that's the 'to be continued ...'.

So there's more coming?
Yeah, it's an ongoing series, and eventually it'll lead to a digital feature that we'll put out.

Are you working on anything right now with the Scissor Sisters?
We've been working on our third album, and there's a lot of really good songs -- there's a ton of songs [laughs]. Jake and Babydaddy can't stop writing. I think they have a disease. We've just got a ton of great songs, and hopefully we'll be wrapping it up soon, but I don't like to speak out of turn.

What's it been like working without Paddy Boom?
He's a friend of mine; I see him whether or not he's in my band. We have another drummer [Randy 'Real' Schrager] and he's really great. It was relatively seamless only because we had worked with this other drummer on the end of the last tour when Paddy was sick, so for better or worse it was a seamless transition. I like both people immensely, and just because Paddy's not in the band doesn't mean -- he's definitely still doing music and I definitely hang out with him.

Jake is pretty notorious for getting naked on stage. Are you a little more modest?
I -- I guess I'm more modest. I don't know. You know, if I was the front person of the Scissor Sisters, which I'm not, and I was performing to an enormous -- [laughs]. I don't know. Who knows? Sometimes when you're performing you're possessed. I know that it's in his DNA. He just likes to get naked. It's probably not in my DNA. I think clothes irritate him. He seems to be the best and most natural when he has the least amount of clothing on.

We enjoy it anyway, so why not?

So, your facial hair -- underneath that you've got quite a baby face.
Ooh, right.

Is having that baby face a curse or a blessing?
I have no problems. If I want to look a little bit older, then I grow this beard. It's also because I've just been lazier and I don't wanna shave.

Do you get carded when you shave it?
I haven't shaved it in a while. You know, people card you anyway these days. I've got gray hair growing in and they still card me.

You don't dye it?
No. I don't wanna do that rinse; I think that looks really strange [laughs]. That George Hamilton kind of like weird rinse? Not for me.

Del Marquis' digital-only album, Litter to Society, is out May 26 on iTunes and at

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