The Real Thing


By Dustin Fitzharris

On The Real Thing you reunited with Phil Galdston and recorded a song called 'I Fell In.' Galdston did two of your biggest hits, 'Save the Best for Last' and 'The Sweetest Days.' How important is it to you to have a hit record at this point in your career?

Of course to the record company the hits are very important. I was signed to Concord Records two years ago, and with this particular album I'd sit down and come up with producer ideas and the time would keep ticking and ticking because things wouldn't happen because of my schedule. After a while I just said, 'Why don't we go back to the people who know me and are consistent?' I wanted to cut out half the guessing game. I started this album in LA, did some in Tennessee and then finished it in New York. Getting a hit out of it was the real bonus, but actually having it happen was the real trial -- the real thing.

Are you going to tour?
I did two nights in Atlantic City, and I'll be doing some promo things on television. I'm also doing a concert for Placido Domingo's new CD that I'm singing on in Rome in July. Then I go back to work on Ugly Betty. There's not much time to do anything, but there will be a few one-off dates when I can run off to a casino for a Friday and Saturday. It just seems that time just keeps getting faster and faster the older I get, and it would be nice to be able to catch a breath every now and then. But you have to strike while the iron is hot.

Speaking of catching your breath, the first song on the new album is called "Breathless." What leaves you breathless?
A good show. I remember seeing the opening night of West Side Story. Just hearing Leonard Bernstein's music made me breathless. Watching Anita and the girls doing classic Jerome Robbins choreography made me breathless. Watching my kids perform leaves me breathless. Going to a new country and enjoying it or driving up and seeing the Great Pyramids left me breathless. You know, I've been lucky to have a lot in my life.

To the outside world it may seem like you have it all -- a musical career, an acting career, four beautiful children. What is something that you still want?
I would like a partner to help me with all this stuff. It would be nice to have a date once and a while. A romance would be wonderful. That side of my life could certainly use some attention.

The Real Thing is available June 2. Williams will also host the 36th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on the CW Network on Aug. 30.

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