The Young And The Sexless


By Nelson Branco

Y&R has never featured a major gay male character before. Gay couples like World Turns' Nuke and Guiding Light's Otalia have earned a very passionate, cult-like fan base. Y&R fans have already created a You Tube Channel for Rafe before he has even been paired romantically with anyone.
I did know that, actually. Wow. I'm overjoyed at the prospect of playing a meatier role on the show. And hopefully in a great storyline. Hopefully, the fans and press support this character and the show.

Y&R nonchalantly announced that Rafe was gay matter-of-factly. Were you happy that Y&R didn't make a bigger deal over his sexuality?
I'm very happy. When they told me Rafe was gay, I was curious as to how they'd deal with it. When I got the script, it showcased beautifully where we are as society today. There's a lot of acceptance in today's world.

Have you created your own back-story for Rafe?
I usually do create a back-story to help me motivate my performances, but I really haven't had to do that on Y&R, because they've provided me with an idea of who this character is. He's a hotshot lawyer, Billy Abbott's friend, and Estella's nephew.

Since Billy and Rafe went to school together, does the Abbott playboy know that his Latin friend is queer?
I don't know if Billy knows. Rafe and Billy haven't discussed his sexuality onscreen as of yet.

Maybe Rafe and Billy got it on one drunken night in college!
[Laughs] I don't know what the writers have planned for us.

You're a sexy guy, but Rafe is always drowning in these ugly suits. Do you hope that Rafe let's his hair down and let's loose?
I hope so. They're taking their time developing my character, but little by little, you'll see more of him.

Preferably without clothes. Is Rafe getting a love interest? I know Rafe has a crush on the very straight Adam Newman.
I'm not allowed to really talk about anything that hasn't aired. I think Rafe would be very disappointed if he didn't find love down the road.

World Turns instituted a one-year kissing and sex ban on their gay couple, Nuke. Do you think Y&R will treat Rafe's sex life as equally as they do with his straight counterparts?
I don't know. I haven't been on the show long enough to know how the top brass deals with these things. Having said that, I'm pretty much down for anything.

Be careful who you tell that to!

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