Lord of the Zingers


By Parker Anderson

Who is your hottest co-star?
Hottest co-star? Definitely John Rhys-Davies. Yeah, he's got it going on. I came in knowing he was going to be there, so I was star struck. He was in Indiana Jones. Yeah, that's bonus points. Him and definitely India [de Beaufort], India's great. It makes me mad how beautiful she is.

How did you get started in comedy? I was a roamer. I went to San Diego State for a few years and then I graduated from Cal State-Bakersfield, and pretty much all of those years were a daze, I don't remember anything. I'm not just saying that -- there was a lot of drinking there.

Were you born in California?
I was, I was born in Bakersfield, it's a little town where agriculture is the thing, farming and stuff, and I took part in that. My pops made me pick grapes every summer in high school. So much fun, you had to wake up every morning at four and put on long sleeves even though it's hot outside because of the pesticides and then we picked grapes!

Wow. Did you do theater while you were in school?
No. No. I did advertising and public relations.

So how did the advertising and the grapes turn into comedy?
Advertising came out because I was like, 'I'm not fucking picking grapes anymore.' Acting came out because I didn't want to do advertising anymore. I guess that's the right correlation. After college I went to an open stage, which they call a jam, and it was at [famed improv group] Second City. I went up there and my heart was beating so fast and I did a Prince impersonation and it got some laughs. I was hooked from there.

Oh, so definitely a clear line straight to Comedy Central --
Oh, yeah, right. Makes sense.

Finally, if you had to give Bruce relationship advice, what would you tell him?
Just let it go man, let it go, everything. Let Arcadius go, let your feelings flow. Let life happen Bruce. That would be my advice, and he'd probably slap me for it.

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