Lord of the Zingers


By Parker Anderson

Marques Ray isn't gay, but his flamboyant, Rosie Perez-inspired character on Comedy Central's new show Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire certainly is. Set in a medieval world, the fantasy follows Krod Mandoon (Sean Maguire), the ripped yet clumsy hero, and his band of inadequate freedom fighters as they try to liberate the realm. Ray, as Bruce, flits around amidst a cast of seasoned comedy gurus like John Rhys-Davies, Matt Lucas, and Kevin Hart and while this is the first time he's played gay, the velvet and satin are in all the right places.

Ray sat down with Out to talk about going gay for his new role, the guys on set who get him drooling, and how grape farming, of all things, started his career in motion.

Out:How's the hype been building for Krod Mandoon?
Marques Ray: It's been exciting. I have my friends and family phoning and emailing to tell me about all the billboards they're passing by, and they can't believe the Latin boy is on them.

Is this your first gay role?
It is, although there have been plenty of times in my sketch comedy that I've done it. This is the first time it's going be out there for the masses.

I watched the first episode and you are really gay. I'm wondering where you drew your inspiration from?
It's weird because when I first auditioned for it I wasn't believable -- that was a note that the casting director and the producer gave me -- that I wasn't believable enough. So I went back and I have this cousin who's kind of got that Rosie Perez vibe to him. I stole from him. So I went back and I nailed the audition although I still thought I did horribly. I was like, 'OK, I'll just keep using my cousin's Rosie Perez thing.'

Your first big romance in the series, General Arcadius, dies in the first episode. I'm wondering if you have another great love coming up?
I don't. In this series hopefully, if it gets renewed, yes. But there's no love interest for me again that comes up in the first six episodes. We've been talking about the history and the future of Bruce as far as the next season. Actually, I become pregnant in the show this season. I might be spoiling something, but yeah, I do become pregnant in the show.

Is it Arcadius' baby?
Should I be saying this to you? No, it's not.

Oh, OK.
Although I said there's not another love interest -- I become pregnant. So that might be a telling you a lot about my character right there.