The Cutting Edge


By Parker Anderson

Have you run into anyone worth mentioning since Project Runway?
I'm not friends with any celebrities, but I did like have an email exchange back and forth with Sarah Silverman for a little bit and she's awesome. And Amy Sedaris, even if I was just to look at her from across the room I'd be really excited because I love her to death. Like I love Amy Sedaris, I love Sarah Silverman, I love Alanis Morrisette, I don't love fucking Kate Winslet or you know Rihanna -- I don't care. I like the weirdoes of the world, and I just wish people would understand that.

You seem to reject the celebrity name game ' it's obvious from the movie and from the fact that you turned down Project Runway's prizes.
Yeah, I don't play that end of it. If I made gowns I would care about that stuff. I'd be like 'Ooh, I want Kate Winslet to wear my dresses because it's a lot of exposure for my work,' but I want to make sweatshirts for fucking Amy Sedaris, or I want to make some one-of-a-kind weirdness for Sarah Silverman. I'm like the off the beaten path designer.

I read somewhere that right before Project Runway you were designing web pages for adult websites. Is that true?
No, I wasn't designing web pages, I was working at a live sex website where girls masturbated on the internet for six dollars a minute. And, I was just like a manager and I trained them and I would take them to casting couch areas where I made them get naked and took Polaroid pictures of them. And then I would teach them how to masturbate and we'd order food and then I would teach them how to like clean their stations and chat to guys on the computer while masturbating.

It was funny. I did it for two years and there was a girl there who hid a pregnancy on camera, naked, for eight months and then she sold her baby on the black market. And then there was the other two girls who beat the shit out of each other with snow shovels, and then there was the girl who got run over by a truck, and then there was the girl who overdosed and passed out on camera and she started puking and having a seizure when she had a fucking dildo in her butt. And, yeah, it was hilarious.

That should be a reality show.
No shit, but that kind of came to a sour end because I was like, Wow, I bought my couch with money that like, was from the abuse of women. But it was an awesome experience, I learned a lot about humans, and then Project Runway happened.

And now the movie. What else do you have coming up?
The movie, and the website, and the fabric line, and then I'll show the next line of fabric in May. And then I think we're developing a TV show, but that's all pre-production. There are two different TV shows that we're kind of pulling around.

Do you know what networks?
No, stop being so nosy! [Laughs]

I know you left a boyfriend behind in New York. Do you have a new boyfriend? Any men in your life?
Absolutely not.

Completely single?
Super single. I don't know -- I kind of think that with my ex-boyfriend it was very intense. I tried to think that it could work, but I don't really get people. That's wrong. I don't make any effort. I meet tons of hot guys all the time, and I'll meet them and they'll be in love with me, but I don't want to return the favor. I just feel like people only like me for who I am ' no -- for what I am -- not who I am. Because I'm a fat freak, dude.

11 Minutes opens in select theaters on February 20.

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