Here Come The Brides


By Nelson Branco

Out: There are rumors that Reese may be bisexual. Is that true? That could be an interesting, groundbreaking thread for daytime to explore.
TB: That would be an interesting story. I don't know.
Out: Reese's homophobic father is coming to town very soon.
TB: Boy, you know a lot! Who else is coming?
Out: Anne Heche has signed onto guest-star, I hear! So is Reese gay or bisexual?
TB: She's gay. She's a lesbian woman. [But she's had past experiences with men, which will soon be revealed].
Out: Bianca's brother-in-law Zach [Thorsten Kaye] has a crush on Reese I think.
TB: Who wouldn't?
ER: Zach and Reese are friends and have known each other for a long time. Also, Reese and Bianca made the decision to use Zach as a sperm donor.
TB: Also, Zach fell in love with Bianca and Reese as a couple. To see Bianca so happy and in love, he naturally loves Reese as well.

Out: Is everyone kosher with the fact that Binks is starting a family with Reese?
ER: Everyone is strangely, eerily happy for Binks! People don't question her life or sexuality anymore.
TB: There's a lot of tragedy on the show because of the tornado, so everyone's priorities have shifted.
ER: Kendall is in a coma, you know and doesn't know her sister gave birth to her husband's baby!
TB: In a way, a new baby is hope. There's been a lot of death in Pine Valley, homes have been destroyed, and Kendall's in a coma, so Bianca and Reese's arrival is happy news.

Out: If Rianca were to break up, a custody battle for Gabrielle could be groundbreaking stuff for soaps, huh?
TB: Aren't you negative Nellie today? [Laughs]
Out: In Canada, it's legal for gays to marry, but divorce and custody issues -- especially with two mothers -- is a murky area legal pundits are just beginning to realize.
TB: It would be groundbreaking. It is an issue.
ER: My father-in-law is a family lawyer. I've had interesting conversations with him about gay marriage, and then of course, you have to go the extra mile and wonder what would happen should a gay couple divorce because it's very complicated.
TR: This is an issue I thought about immediately regarding Reese and Bianca. I discussed it with head writer Chuck Pratt Jr. -- Reese needs to adopt Gabrielle. The rights can easily be taken from Reese, even if God forbid something happens to Bianca or one of them. Especially if something happens to the biological parent because the non-biological parent has no rights. There is a lot to explore. My two female friends have a baby and we discussed the legal rights of the child. It was important to them that the non-biological parent legally adopted the baby so there's no question down the road..
Out: I love how Tamara is already trying to kill off Bianca, Eden!
ER: Omigod!
TB: I hate you with a passion! [Laughs]

Out: The week you gals returned to AMC, the soap rose in the ratings by a quarter of a million viewers -- its highest gains in eight months. Many credit the tornado for the increase, but I believe it was Eden's comeback. Would you agree with that theory?
TB: I think so! I agree with you.
ER: I love you, Nelson.
Out: Well, I think it's true.
TB: I'm not joking, I think so, too!
Out: Well, a lot of gay and straight viewers checked out when Eden quit the show a few years back. Speaking of which, what's your thinking: if this storyline takes off and you're both happy, will you both re-sign with AMC? I know Elizabeth is dying to have Eden on Y&R as a Mac recast. And I admit, so am I.
TB: What? Are you leaving me already, Eden? Do you remember there was a show called, One Day At A Time, Nelson? Or like AA. One step at a time. We're taking things day by day. We'll see how it goes.

Out: Will we see Tamara on your smash hit web show, Imaginary Bitchesnext season?
ER: Oh, I sure hope so. Will you be one of our bitches, Tamara?
TB: Let your people talk to my people.
ER: Oh, see she's giving me the runaround already!
Out: Tamara may just be too bitchy for Imaginary.
TB: I'll be Eden's bitch any day.
Out: Who isn't?

Eden Riegel also stars in one of webdom's best new series, Imaginary Bitches, which is currently available on DVD. Riegel and her husband, Andrew Miller recently announced that for every sale of Imaginary Bitches, $.88 from every sale of Imaginary Bitches: The Complete First Season DVD, will go to "No on 8" the campaign to fight California's recent gay marriage ban. In fact, Miller and Riegel filmed a hilarious PSA on Proposition 8: check it out here.

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