The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Thursday, January 22: Pin-up model, silver-screen actress, author, and convicted felon with romantic connections to The Mob'what more could a girl ask for in one lifetime? Quite a lot, actually, if you're talking about Liz Renay, the virtual queen of reinvention (the bulk of her artwork and first book came to light while she was sitting in a federal prison cell). Renay -- rumored to have romped around with Marlon Brando, Joe DiMaggio, Cary Grant, and Regis Philbin -- died two years ago at the age of 80 (here's Liz candidly discussing some of her celebrity trysts), but her spirit lives on in 'How to Attract Men: The Art of Liz Renay,' a retrospective exhibit of paintings, collages, costumes, and artifacts, all on display at Manhattan's Deitch Projects. For more information and tickets head to the gallery's site.

Friday, January 23: For some lighter fare (no deep psychoanalysis necessary), head to Seattle to catch Out 100 honoree Katy Perry as she kicks off her first world tour (hitting 50 cities between now and May). Riding on the heels of her debut album, One of the Boys, the Santa Barbara, Calif.'born pastor's daughter plays the Emerald City's Showbox at the Market at 7:00 PM PST (for tickets to this and other tour dates, go to Ticketmaster). And just in case you've been under a rock the last several months, here is Perry's 2008 summer anthem 'I Kissed a Girl.'