The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Friday, January 16: There's no mistaking the sound of NYC-based lesbian electric folk musician Bitch, who performs with her band The Exciting Conclusion at Housing Works Bookstore Caf' in Manhattan tonight. Equally comfortable on the electric violin, bass, keyboard, and ukelele, Bitch, who appeared in John Cameron Mitchell's film Shortbus, is known for her invigorating and boundary-pushing live performances (and gritty vocals), which feature more than a dose of feminism (check out this live performance of the song 'Red Roof'). She's performed with the Indigo Girls and more recently toured with Out favorite Girl in a Coma. Purchase tickets for tonight's 7:00 PM EST show through the Housing Works Caf' website.

Saturday, January 17: You're running out of time to catch one of the hottest tickets at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The contemporary collection 'Hard Targets -- Masculinity and Sport' includes the work of six photographers, all of whom challenge the traditional archetype of the male athlete, which, as the show posits, we've come to assume as aggressive, hyper-heterosexualized, and emotionally unavailable. Taken together, the works of Mark Bradford, Harun Farocki, Brian Jungen, Shaun Leonardo, Collier Schorr, and Joe Sola reveal a new and fascinating context through which to view athletes and sport. Some of the photographs may literally take the wind out of you (see above). Tickets and information are available directly through LACMA.

Sunday, January 18: The fashion world suffered a tremendous loss last year with the death of French fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. The designer's collections were as diverse as his astounding life experiences. In addition to directing the House of Dior at the tender age of 21, he served in the French military during the Algerian War of Independence. (The psychological impact from severe harassment by fellow officers led to a subsequent and damaging institutionalization.) A retrospective exhibit currently showing at San Francisco's de Young Museum contains nearly 130 of his accessorized garments, accompanied by elaborate sketches unveiling the designs that made Yves Saint Laurent famous. For tickets and details on the exhibit's only viewing in the United States, visit the de Young Museum's website.