The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Wednesday, January 14: Comedienne Caroline Reid, the creative genius behind campy 1960s air-hostess character Pam Ann, has a brief and highly anticipated layover in New York City starting tonight. A major sensation abroad -- particularly in her native Australia, where a new TV series is in production -- Pam Ann has generated a serious following among airline employees, enthusiasts, and, quite frankly, anyone familiar with the 'marvel' of commercial flight. In Pam Ann: Come Fly with Me Pam delivers a hilariously crass critique of everything trolley dolly, from the tough issues facing modern-day air travel (cocaine-smuggling stewardesses) to the stereotypical inanities of every national flag carrier (see this clip). This is the type of turbulence folks actually line up for, so make your reservations now. Pam Ann hits Joe's Pub tonight at 9:30 PM EST and remains in residence through Sunday (go here for additional times and tickets). Find more info on Pam Ann and her upcoming European destinations through her website, where lower fares may be available.

Thursday, January 15: Tonight in Los Angeles catch Kingsley Irons's Rupture, a modern dance performance that explores a fragile and brutal female world, questioning our perceptions of tradition, history, and power (picture women in bird cages sharing the stage with paper figurines). Irons, known for her dark, visceral storytelling, makes no exception with Rupture, which combines intricate physical movement with text, and then layers a haunting musical score on top. Her inspirations include Kara Walker, the contemporary visual artist who grapples with gender and sexuality, as well as French philosopher Michel Foucault. For information and tickets, visit the Kingsley Irons website.