Revenge of the Fairies


By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Cohen, who will graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles, next spring with a degree in cultural studies, is equally issue-free. 'I'll have plenty of time to put labels on myself as I get older, so why start now? For the time being, I can tell you that I love someone, and he happens to be a man.'

The movie indulges its musical imagination, but it doesn't ultimately sacrifice its happy ending for whimsy. In the play the lovers are made to think it's all been a dream, but in this "anti-High School Musical," as Were the World Mine was at one point dubbed, a surprising truth is given a chance to triumph. "It's about the truth of sexuality and yearning, about making your dream lead to your reality," Gustafson says. "I think our approach is a little more real than the shiny version from Disney."

Were the World Mine opens in select theaters November 21. The soundtrack is available from

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