Secret Agent Woman


By Bill Keith

For fans growing tired of the gang from Lost's Oceanic Flight 815, the show's creator J.J. Abrams offered something equally compelling when he plane-crashed into prime time this fall with Fringe. In typical Abrams fashion, the show quickly introduced a dozen unrelated events and characters in as many minutes. Left to figure out the common thread? FBI agent Astrid Farnsworth, played by the adorable Jasika Nicole, whom you may recognize from her role in Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas.

Nicole, a theater, voice, and dance major, relished the jump into the supernatural. 'I think that we as actors are as excited to get the scripts as people are to watch the show to see what happens. Usually when you start a project you have a pretty good idea of who your character is and how they fit into the story, but each episode I get a little more information about who I am. It's an ongoing practice in character development,' she says.

For Nicole, who lives in Brooklyn with her partner of more than three years, being in the closet was never an option: 'I came out about 3' years ago. When I went on my first date with a woman, it was so exciting that I wanted to share it more than anything because it was such a big deal to me,' she recalls. So isn't prime time ready for an out lesbian detective already? 'You're absolutely right. Who knows? We'll need to see how that all plays out. I definitely want Astrid's personal life to show up a little more.'

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