Beautiful Loser


By Noah Michelson

Why did you decide to make William Control 'of the fourth sex'? It's pretty forward thinking for a straight guy.
First off -- I feel like being in a band these days a lot of it has to do with being popular and girls saying, 'Oh he's so hot! Oh I like his music because I want to fuck him!' That's what defines bands and what helps certain bands get bigger than they actually should be -- how many girls want to fuck the singer. When I did this project, I didn't want to deal with any of that. I didn't want people to like this music because they wanted to have sex with me. I wanted people to like this music because it affects them in a way that only music can -- by the way it hits your heart. So I guess I got frustrated with the fact that people are like, 'He's so hot!' I just want to play music. I don't want to be defined by my looks or the size of my cock. I just want people to like the music because it's good.

Does William Control prefer to tie people up, get tied up, or tie himself up?
Tie people up.

So he's the dom, top, sadist type?
Totally. The Marquis de Sade is one of his heroes.

Did you sit down and conceptualize all of this? These are his heroes, he likes to eat this for breakfast... Is he a fully realized person in your mind?
Not on a 100 percent level. I think that he's touched and tasted but hasn't really -- he's only been around for a few months.

But when you go on stage, wiL disappears and William takes over?
Most definitely. In my personal life I'm fully into that shit. But William Control is just all about it. When I wrote the album, I spent about a week and a half in London going to sex clubs and underground fetish deals. I stumbled upon this place called The Whipping House, and it was probably the most insane night of my life.

I need details.
I'll tell you this. The first five minutes of me showing up to this place, I walked in and checked my coat and that took about three minutes. Then I walked into the dungeon where a girl was fully strapped up, getting beat up, and she was bloody and there was a dude in the corner having sex with another guy -- right in the corner! And that was just the first five minutes!

William Control will perform at Daniel Nardicio's Evening Service party on December 13 at The Woodshop, 24 Ninth Ave., New York City. Hate Culture (Victory Records) is now available in stores and online.

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