The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Saturday, December 6: The second-most popular water-cooler discussion from the Beijing Olympics was the Opening Ceremonies (the first was obviously Michael Phelps's ridiculously ripped body). Shen Wei is the groundbreaking artist who served as the lead choreographer for the Olympic event, bringing one of the most memorable dance performances to life and to the world. The Chinese-born Brooklyn transplant is launching Connect Transfer II, another unique synthesis of music, dance, and performance art that will roll out nationwide in 2009. Dancers decked out in multicolored paint will transform a stage-floor canvas into living art, all to music performed by Stephen Gosling and the FLUX Quarter. After each performance a section of the canvas will be up for grabs during a silent auction. Grab tickets for this afternoon's 2:00 PM EST matinee or the 8:00 PM show.

Sunday, December 7: There's no better time to take an intimate look into the life of political activist Harvey Milk, and there's no better place to do that than the San Francisco Public Library, which currently hosts the exhibit 'Harvey: Milk Private Life/Public Life.' The stunning collection includes childhood pictures, love letters, candid snapshots, and political papers, as well as photographs taken by Milk of his friends and lovers. It was donated by Elva Smith, the mother of Milk's partner Scott Smith, following Smith's death in 1995. Check out the museum's Gay and Lesbian Center homepage for the exact location and more information on the exhibit, which runs through January 10.