The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Monday, November 24: Madonna's marriage to filmmaker Guy Ritchie is now officially over (on Friday the pair went through expedited British divorce proceedings that lasted just a few minutes). But not to worry: The Sticky & Sweet Tour must go on, and the highest-earning female singer in the world makes her latest stop at Atlanta's Philips Arena tonight. Satisfy your sweet tooth through Ticketmaster, where limited seats are still available for the 8:00 PM EST performance.

Tuesday, November 25: If you're looking to satisfy more than just a sugar craving, Bravo is your place for guilty pleasure. Tonight the Real Housewives of Atlanta kick off their 'reunion' special (at 9:00 PM EST). You know, the episode where you can't tell if you're watching Housewives or Jerry Springer because tempers -- and weaves -- are bound to fly across the deliciously awkward set. Then it's time for the season premiere of the Real Housewives of Orange County (at 10:00 PM EST). These ladies are the real peaches of the franchise. Looking back, maybe Jo does have a shot at a singing career. After all, if Atlanta's chain-smoking, Big-Poppa-lovin' Kim, who has deluded herself into believing that she has a voice worthy of a hit single, can get a meeting with Dallas Austin'well, then anything is possible.