Her Best Defense


By Jason Lamphier

You're so confident for having been sheltered like that.
I started to know who I am at a really young age, and I am comfortable in my skin. I've traveled and I've seen all kinds of different people, and I understand you can't please the world. I've seen lots of people trying to please everybody. They want to be the most popular, and they end up out of energy. Maybe it was the five years it took for me to actually make [this album] while I had a dozen guys in suits saying I should be like someone else, or I should sing like someone else. And I'm like, No, there already is that one person. I wanna be myself.

Is that why you abandoned Christian music?
I never abandoned it, actually. I still sing 'Oh Happy Day.' What happened was when I was 15, I put out that record [Katy Hudson, her real name] and so badly wanted to make it in that field. I would have loved to have been the next Amy Grant.

Honestly, come on, it would have been so fun! But my record label at the time went bankrupt two months later. So, it ended my career like that [snaps fingers]. And there was nothing I could do. I was just like, Fuck, it's over. Great. What do I do now? And then opportunity showed up knocking again at 17.

I know that some of our readers will be angry about our decision to put you on the cover. What would you say in your defense?
I never say anything in my defense. No defense here. [Laughs]

Why do you think you belong on the cover?
Because if I wasn't straight, I would be gay.

Why do you say that?
I think that any sexual orientation, whether you're gay or straight, is a beautiful thing as long as you do it with pride, as long as there is integrity behind it. I do believe in the gay community and gay marriage, and I believe in straight marriage. But I think that some of the straight marriages are not fantastic or for the right reasons. It's all up to the individual. The world is a better place when people are happy about who they are and being themselves.

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