The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Saturday, November 15: For the first time since the original movie was released in 1970, The Boys in the Band (above) is officially out on DVD. The gay comedy, set on New York's Upper East Side in the 1960s, centers around a soiree thrown by Michael, a 'recovering' Roman Catholic and soon-to-relapse alcoholic. Included among the party guests are a suspected closet case and a hustler. We all know the opening number, 'Anything Goes' (performed by Cole Porter and Harpers Bizarre). And, in this campy classic, it certainly does.

Sunday, November 16: Tonight bisexual singer-pianist Amanda Palmer, who makes up one half of the Dresden Dolls, plays Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. Palmer's latest album, the fiery, alt-cabaret'soaked Who Killed Amanda Palmer, dropped in September and was co-produced by Ben Folds. Check out her video 'Runs in the Family' and get tickets early for the Atlanta show, which starts at 8:00 PM EST.