The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Monday, November 3: This afternoon catch the sensational French pop singer Yelle in a free concert at the University of California at San Diego's Price Center. Yelle's debut album, Pop-Up, hit the U.S. this summer and quickly earned her a young hipster following. She opened for Mika during his 2007 European tour, and her hit single "Je Veux Te Voir" (translation: 'I Want to See You') was featured in the opening scene of last season's finale of Entourage. So, there you have it: plenty of reasons to head here for information on tickets for Yelle's performance at 12:00 PM PST. Did we mention it's free? Also, check out the non-profit site Love, Honor, Cherish and take a step to help protect gay marriage in California and encourage your Golden State friends to vote No on Prop 8 tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4: Put everything on hold today and get out and vote because, at the risk of sounding clich', this may just be the biggest election of your lifetime. If early polling is any indication, the lines will be long, so play hookie if you have to. Californians: If the presidency isn't enough incentive to cast your ballot, then go vote 'hell, no!' on Proposition 8 . If you bail on your civic duty today, you relinquish all bitching rights when U.S. foreign policy extends about as far as Sarah Palin's eyelashes.