Handsome Devil


By Jason Lamphier

Yet it is RocknRolla's men-behaving-very-badly scenarios that infuse the flick with a high dose of queerness. In Ritchie's louche criminal underworld, Handsome Bob and One Two are chased by two teeth-gnashing Russian thugs, one of whom ends up shirtless, his chiseled abs covered in sweat and blood. Several scenes later, when the mobsters pay a surprise visit to One Two's house, sporting S/M-style leather gear to bind and gag him in his bedroom, it's not clear whether they want to kill him or screw him.

That's not to say the film -- a slick blend of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll -- doesn't have its gentler moments. At one point One Two even finds himself embracing Handsome Bob, surrounded by a pack of swishy dancers at a salsa club. 'During our lessons these really gay dancers were trying to put it on Butler,' says Hardy. 'They just made me want to snuggle Gerard a bit tighter, lick his top lip a bit.'

RocknRolla is in theaters nationwide October 31.

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