The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Wednesday, October 15: It's your last chance to catch the two presidential nominees in verbal fisticuffs as they take the stage at Hofstra University for the final Presidential Debate. We suggest watching the debate on MSNBC to catch Rachel Maddow's spot-on, no-nonsense political commentary. (She's our favorite out and proud media darling.) Better yet, you could attend a debate party in your area by checking out this page on Barack Obama's website. The debate airs at 9:00 PM EST.

Thursday, October 16: Art aficionados in New York City should head to New York City's Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, currently hosting 'The Line of Fashion." Curated by Robert W. Richards (whose art is present all over the fashion world), the exhibition spans more than five decades of fashion illustration and features the work of Kenneth Paul Block, Joe Eula, Antonio, Christian Berard, George Stavrinos, Vertes, and Mel Odom, among others. Check out the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation site for more information and times. The show runs through November 1.

Friday, October 17: Tonight marks the release of TruLoved , the family- and teen-friendly movie that tells the story of Tru, a 16-year-old girl uprooted by her lesbian moms from San Francisco to a conservative community in Southern California. The movie heats up when Tru charters her school's first gay-straight alliance, putting her at odds with her only friend, a closeted football player. TruLoved opens in New York City and Chicago and stars Najarra Townshend (Me and You and Everyone We Know), Jake Abel (Flash of Genius), Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty), Bruce Vilanch (Hairspray), Nichelle Nichols (Heroes and Star Trek), and Jasmine Guy (A Different World).