The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Friday, October 10: Guy Ritchie's latest foul-mouthed, men-behaving-very-badly flick RocknRolla hits select theaters today. Starring Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven, and Tom Hardy playing an honest to goodness gay gangster, the film is a slick blend of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll topped off with a heavy, always welcome dash of homoeroticism. And if you're hungry for another helping of Tom Hardy, check later this month for a profile of the hunky British actor.

Saturday, October 11: If you haven't already, hit up the latest from actor-playwright Charles Busch. The Third Story adds another tough-talking dame to his canon, the kind of role Joan Crawford would kill for. But since she's dead, Busch once again dons the wigs and shoulder pads himself, this time to play an unemployed Hollywood screenwriter who recruits her son to help her draft a screwball sci-fi script she hopes will resurrect her career. Visit La Jolla Playhouse for tickets and show times.

Sunday, October 12: Dropping salty rhymes, shameless sexuality, and slyly inspiring mantras over club-stompin' synth beats, Tampa-based lesbian rappers Shunda K and Jwl. B (collectively known as the regal Yo Majesty) turn the tables on misogynist hip-hop homophobes everywhere with their riotous debut full-length album Futuristically Speaking'Never Be Afraid (Domino), the follow-up to this summer's Kryptonite Pussy EP. Good news: You can finally buy it now.