The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Monday, October 6: New York City kids (or those willing to make the trek to the Big Apple) should head to Terminal 5 to check out Girl in a Coma, the San Antonio-rooted trio who formed an early bond over shared influences Nirvana and the Smiths. (The band is actually named after the Smiths' song 'Girlfriend in a Coma.') Queer bassist Jenn Alva, drummer Phanie Diaz, and Diaz's sis, front woman Nina Diaz, will open for lesbian indie darlings Tegan and Sara, the twin-sister Canadian duo who burst onto the music scene a decade ago, and seem to get better with every album. A portion of the proceeds from tonight's performance will benefit Amnesty International -- another reason to check out this gig. Get a taste of Girl in a Coma's 'Clumsy Sky.'

Tuesday, October 7: Out today on DVD is Shelter Me, in which director Marco Simon Puccioni explores how a gesture of extreme charity can lead to emotional turmoil. Returning to Italy from a vacation in Morocco, lesbian couple Anna and Mara (Maria de Medeiros and Antonia Liskova) are surprised to discover that Anis, a young Moroccan boy, has stowed away in their car. The two decide to take the boy under their wing and across the border, a decision that ultimately leads to serious drama when Anis falls in love with Mara. See more info and a link to the trailer here.