The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Monday, September 15: Let's forego the all-too-easy innuendos about baskets and balls and get straight to talking about Shirts & Skins, a new television series that chronicles the lives of the members of the Rockdogs, San Francisco's formerly number-one'ranked gay basketball team. The reality show sports sweaty tension on and off the court, so it's sure to please both jocks and their admirers. Bonus: Retired NBA player and 2007 Out 100 honoree John Amaechi is called in to mentor the team as it prepares for a national championship. The series premieres tonight on Logo at 10:00 PM EST. Catch more directly from the network here.

Tuesday, September 16: You're in for some aural pleasure today as James drops Hey Ma, the U.K. indie band's first album in seven years. Front man Tim Booth (most famous for his yodeling falsetto on the group's 1993 gender-twisting radio hit 'Laid') supplies impressive vocals to spiritual and political songs steeped in intricate guitar work, trumpet fanfare, and rousing melodies. Pick up or download the album when it drops today on Decca Records so that you have your favorite songs on your playlist for the weekend.