The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Friday, September 12: Two movie premieres today have prompted us to issue a major diva alert. The first, The Women, is an adaptation of George Cukor's 1939 film of marital infidelity, catty conniving, and high-society mishaps. Cukor's classic gets a hilarious modern update by Diane English (Murphy Brown) and no small amount of A-list estrogen: Meg Ryan, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith (who plays gay), Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Bette Midler, Candice Bergen, Carrie Fisher, Cloris Leachman, and Debi Mazar. Also tonight, catch Assassination of a High School President, which is akin to MTV's The Paper, only more sordid. The film stars Reece Thompson as Bobby Funke, a perpetually picked-on (and yet, in typical teen-flick fashion, smokingly attractive) sophomore who gets embroiled in a conspiracy involving stolen SATs, a hot senior (Mischa Barton), and plenty of Mean Girls'like drama. Read more on the film here from Sundance.

Saturday, September 13:
This weekend settle down with a page-turner. Following the misadventures of 'Jonathan A.,' The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames 'swerves from the comic (dinner with Monica Lewinsky) to the tragic (9/11) to the nostalgic (sex with his childhood friend Sal),' says Out writer Emily Drabinski. 'Ames again mines his own irony-soaked life for truth and comedy in this fictionalized graphic novel illustrated by Dean Haspiel.' Check out more on The Alcoholic from Publishers Weekly here.

Sunday, September 14: If you're in Manhattan, catch a surreal treat today by joining a group tour with art historian Edward Powers, who will walk (and talk) you through MoMa's exhibition 'Dal': Painting and Film.' One in a series of Gallery Talks, the tour is sure to intrigue and inspire. Dal', who attached his inimitable style to painting, film, photography, and sculpture, drew plenty of attention to himself through absurdity, and is a perfect companion for stepping up your Sunday game. The tour is free (with MoMa general admission) and starts at 11:30 AM in the second floor atrium space. Space is limited, so be sure to get there about 15 minutes before the tour starts. Direct yourself here for more info on MoMa and admission.