Days of Summer



Wednesday, August 27: And in other music news: Lykke Li (it's pronounced 'Luke-y Lee,' by the way) has more to offer than just a funny-looking name -- she also has a killer new album, Youth Novels (Atlantic). The sugar-throated songstress is Sweden's latest export to hit our shores, and like the recent Scandinavians who came before her (Robyn, Sally Shapiro, and The Tough Alliance, to name a few), she definitely does not disappoint. Beats get dropped, hearts get broken, and when you finally manage to make yourself press STOP, don't be surprised if you gotta give the record one more spin. You know, just to be sure it's that good.

Thursday, August 28: Instead of wallowing in self-pity for missing the premiere of Margaret Cho's new reality series, The Cho Show, last week, be proactive and take tonight to catch one of the 400,000 reruns that VH1 surely has scheduled of the first episode. And if all else fails, you can download the first show for free at iTunes. Even though Cho, above, is a bit restrained (this isn't Showtime, people) she's never not funny. So much so that we'd be willing to watch 22 minutes of her cleaning the moldy produce out of her refrigerator -- and we bet you would too.