Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Monday, August 18: Weeds' season 4 is going strong. If the unbelievably sexy Silas weren't enough to keep you tuning in, it's sure been fun watching Celia unfold. Once the hot drunken mess she was wandering around suburbia with a flask, now she's botching Nancy's drug running and, oh, how the tables have turned. Elizabeth Perkins has never been so amazing. Or catch the last few episodes of the HBO miniseries Generation Kill, the story of the first 40 days in Iraq through the eyes of several distinctly humane characters -- some gruesome, some noble, some patriotic, and almost all of them hot and obsessed with each other's masculinity. Check out the character profiles on the Generation Kill HBO website.

Tuesday, August 19: Laura Marling (above) is a bleached blonde, 18-year-old Brit who has a bright musical future. Her debut is buyable today and it's worth a good listen: Her voice has its own beautiful qualities but could be a mixture of Joni Mitchell and Martha Wainwright. She did a darling feature spot on a Mystery Jets song called "Young Love" and her first single, "Ghosts," off Alas, I Cannot Swim, is a softly charming folk-pop song that will make your heart swell. So get it now. Some other big names have records coming out today, too: The Dandy Warhols, The Walkmen, Juliana Hatfield. and Stereolab, to name a few. Maybe it's her youth, but Laura's feels freshest.