Nose Candy


By Chandler Burr

Where should one apply fragrance?
The most important, in descending order, are tops of your forearms (in moving them, you create your scent space), neck, and one serious shot down your back inside your shirt.

Day versus night: how much scent?
Your use for the office should always be lighter; evening, you can get louder. Humidity represses scent, but don't overcompensate, because humidity makes people less tolerant of odors.

Should age affect scent choices?
There are scents appropriate for different ages. Teens can wear ckIN2U with great success, Juicy Couture Dirty English works better for 20-somethings, 30- and 40-something professional guys will do well with L'Artisan Parfumeur's Safran Troublant, and, for older men, Dior Homme. There are exceptions: Herm's' Un Jardin sur le Nil and Chanel No. 18 work on anyone of any age.

How does one know how a scent will smell on him?
Only when you wear it the first day will you really know what it smells like on you (by others' reactions), but only on day 2 will you know whether your initial reading was right or wrong. One must frequently take a fragrance out for a few spins.

How long and where should one keep fragrances?
Scents definitely have a shelf life, and it'll be obvious what's still good and what has turned. Light, heat, and oxygen all damage scents, so if you buy something you really love, there's only one place to store it: the fridge. Take it out, apply,
and return immediately.

The best new luxury scents:

Infusion d'Homme
by Prada, 200 ml. $100
The male companion to the ladies' Infusion d'Iris is entirely Italian (a.k.a. masculine but oh, so romantic).

by Cartier, 100 ml. $105
Like the classic watch design, this cologne smells of a dandy with discerning taste but is spicy, not stuffy.

Prelude to Love
by Kilian, 50 ml. $225
The creator, heir to a certain cognac-making family named Hennessy, knows a thing or two about good scents.

Euphoria Men Intense
by Calvin Klein, 3.4 oz. $65
This slightly darker and more exotic approach to the brand's more familiar fragrance is sexy and warm.

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