Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Friday, August 15: Take comely Oscar-winner Javier Bardem, ubiquitous cover girl Scarlett Johansson, and the painfully hot Penelope Cruz (above), throw them in a web of art, sex, and intrigue, set the story against a Barcelona backdrop, and you have the charming new Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Bardem plays a painter, while Cruz takes her turn as Bardem's mildly unstable ex-wife and seductress to Johansson. Thank you, Woody, for finally supplying us with a little sapphic drama. This trailer leaves a lot to the imagination.

Saturday, August 16: We love a gay artist who flouts convention. In The Nancy Book, Joe Brainard takes Nancy comic strips and transforms them into mind-trips. Classic art is appropriated (de Kooning, Duchamp, Picasso), but the volume is also full of some deliciously lowbrow scenes (Nancy in a threesome, Nancy pleasuring herself, Nancy getting railed by a libertine). Check out Noah Michelson's recap on, peep some samples on Popnography, then get it here.

Sunday, August 17: What would you do if you had to cough up a few thousand dollars for your sick grandson? How about jerk off boys in a glory hole? In the new film Irina Palm, Marianne Faithfull stars as a widow who is loyal to her dead husband yet earns herself a reputation for having the most skilled hands in London, proving that a will to love and support those closest can overcome the, um, biggest obstacles. Check out the trailer, then get it on DVD.