Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Wednesday, August 13: Spandex. Skin. Intoxicating human physique no matter what the sex, race, or color of leotard. The Olympics are here. Tonight you can catch some of your favorite disciplines: men's gymnastics and swimming. Champion the adorable Raj Bhavsar and, of course, cheer for Michael Phelps (above); the man is unstoppable -- and quite dashing. Need a reminder? Check out the Popnography-celebrated wet and sexy Men's Journal photo shoot starring Michael alongside Ryan Locthe, then try not to tune in to NBC tonight.

Thursday, August 14: Matt Rothschild is like the Upper East Side Jewish David Sedaris. In his new memoir, Dumbfounded: Big Money. Big Hair. Big Problems. Or Why Having It All Isn't for Sissies, (out now), he spins hilariously revealing stories about growing up as part of the only Jewish family in a luxury Fifth Avenue apartment full of WASPs. The book is chock full of sexual confusion and the bittersweet trials of adolescence, as Rothschild sneaks into his sharp-tongued grandmother's dresses, shoplifts Barbie dolls, and dreams up an imaginary midget butler he speaks to at dinner parties. Get it now.