Playing Telephone


By Editors

HW: Tell me if this is true or not: You love makeup.
JS: I do, as a matter of fact. I love how you can just become someone else --
HW: Like a crazy psycho clown --
JS: More like a sensitive harlequin.
HW: Or the lion from The Wizard of Oz.
JS: I was the lion in two different productions. Also my love for makeup comes from watching The Bold and The Beautiful as a kid. Sally Spectra was covered in makeup the entire time. And I was so mad my mom never wore makeup. She had one crummy compact of Mary Kaye cover-up, and she had this blue eye-shadow, very blue, that she would only wear at weddings.
HW: When we were shooting the video, one of my favorite parts was your costume. Was there any inspiration for the way you were dressed, maybe Flash Gordon?
JS: I think it was the way you were dressed. With Sara on the left and me on the right, it sort of looked like a talk show form hell. You were the hostess. I was feeling like -- who's the bald guy from Dave Letterman?
HW: Paul Shaffer.
JS: Yeah. We were like your sidekicks.
HW: We did it in six hours. We were trying to capture the energy of the live shows. It's hard because in front of an audience you get that I want to impress these people. I want them to love me. I think that's why most performers do what they do.
JS: Do you prefer to perform in front of an audience or record?
HW: Oh, I totally love an audience. It was also comfortable for our video 'cause our bass player, Jason, and his twin brother were the directors.
JS: It was a very gay cast, and then all the crew of the video were like all these totally macho straight guys.
HW: And they weren't really cracking smiles.
JS: They actually laughed at me in my costumes. One of them said to me, 'I don't even know what that's about.'
HW: You have a mustache and you're wearing a thong leotard with a ballerina ruff around your neck.
JS: One of the guys was like, 'Check him out,' and the other was, 'I don't even know what that's about.' I'm like, 'You're making our video! You're not allowed to pick on me in my costume!'
HW: How rude.
JS: They just wanted to go back to the makeup room.
HW: What's next for us?
JS: We have a new European booking agent who's getting some really awesome shows. I'm thinking just travel, travel, travel for the next year.
HW: New costumes, too. Maybe a burlap sack. I want to do an anti glam thing but always with a hint of glam. Always with a disco ball in my eye.

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