Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Thursday, July 31: Oh, that Jason Patric is so dreamy. He was in 1987, when cult fave The Lost Boys hit theaters, and he is now, almost 20 years later at 42. And for lots of gay boys across this great nation, the odd vampiric chemistry between Jason and both a bleach blond Kiefer Sutherland and awkward kid brother Corey Haim (with on- and off-screen buddy Corey Feldman in 2001, above) was electric. This week you can finally take the film home on DVD and enjoy it as an adult -- while still allowing yourself to get ridiculously giddy like a kid, of course. Watch the original trailer here, here, then buy it here.

Friday, August 1: Rainn Wilson may not immediately register on your celebrity radar, but we bet excellent characters like Dwight Schrute from The Office Rollo from Juno, and Arthur Martin from Six Feet Under perhaps? The quirky funnyman steps into the spotlight in The Rocker this Friday. In the film, an unceremoniously kicked-out drummer (Wilson) of the thriving '80s metal band, Vesuvius, gets his second chance at rock 'n' roll glory when his nephew's band, A.D.D., needs a new drummer. They reluctnantly let Uncle 'Fish' pick up his sticks and hilarity ensues. Check out the trailer here. Meanwhile, if Wilson doesn't get your blood boiling, lust after the scrumptious Zac Efron in the goofy, old-guy (Matthew Perry)-wishes-he-could-be-17-again comedy, appropriately titled 17 Again. Check out a teaser here.