Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Monday, July 28: Hair is a time capsule, the musical that celebrates a psychedelic ("Let's take drugs!"), revolutionary ("My parents are so square!"), and sexually liberating ("Black, white, boy, girl, I don't care -- let's do it!") moment in American history. After successful runs on Broadway and on the big screen (check out a clip of 'Black Boys' from the 1979 film version here,), it's no wonder New York City's Public Theater thinks it can pull off the gem in a very "Shakespeare in the park" sorta way. Let's hope fear of Poison Ivy didn't compel the cast to cut the nudey scenes. Consult the website for details and tickets here.

Tuesday, July 29: Our neighbors to the north can give our Prides a run for their money, and Montreal is one of the gayest places in the northern hemisphere. The city's St. Catherine Street would make Chelsea or West Hollywood blush. More than just a parade and a batch of wild club nights, Divers/Cite is a huge outdoor and free multidisciplinary cultural behemoth, an arts festival right alongside a gay festival that features dancing, music of every variety, drag, photography, and film. Consult a guide to Montreal's gay destinations here, then check out what Divers/Cite has to offer here.

Wednesday, July 30: Black Kids (above) are a band from Florida, and the bottom line is this: They're good. Their EP, Wizard of Ahhhs, garnered the group a glowing Pitchfork review and a slew of great press. Last week they put out their debut full-length, Partie Traumatic, featuring the single "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You," which plays like a fusion of the Cure, the Rapture, and the Strokes -- if they were brilliant, excited teens. Check out Black Kids' MySpace here, then get the record here.