Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Monday, July 21: Even as Philadelphia's International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival wraps up its run, you still have some gems to catch tonight and tomorrow night. Monday features a French drama called I Dreamt Under the Water about a young man whose love for his band mate sends him into a downward spiral of nightlife escapades in Paris. (You may also appreciate that director Catherine Breillat is not shy about artfully showing skin -- see above.) Or you can catch Straight, the tale of a German street dealer whose secret affair with a bourgeois Jewish boy (who already has a girlfriend) makes for one messy love triangle. Not into subtitles? Catch the super hot Were The World Mine (read Popnography's review here). You can find the full schedule here.

Tuesday, July 22: Nico Muhly, the adorably smart and talented contemporary composer and Out 100 alum, releases Mothertongue. A Columbia-educated English major with a masters from Julliard, this New England boy is a post-modern Brian Eno. He'll layer jarring chords over a mezzo-soprano reciting the states in alphabetical order -- and it still comes out beautifully. Listen on MySpace here and then buy it here. You can also try to make sense of Daft Punk's Electroma, a feature film about robots who may just be "Human After All" despite their robot community that protests their desires to have a face and skin. Even though there's no Daft Punk music involved, the soundtrack is still littered with gems from the likes of Todd Rundgren and Sebastien Tellier. Check out a teaser here then get it here.