Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Wednesday, July 16: Is 'Situation' not one of the best '80s songs of all time? Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke formed Yaz (or Yazoo, as the band was known in the U.K.) in 1981 and quickly thereafter produced three unforgettable synth classics: 'Only You,' 'Situation,' and 'Don't Go.' They broke up after two records (Clarke, of course, went on to found Erasure and play with Depeche Mode, while Moyet pursued a productive solo career), but they have influenced everyone from LCD Soundsystem to the Pet Shop Boys. 2008 is the year to catch Yaz reunited, and tonight is the first of two nights the duo will play New York City's Terminal 5. Watch the video for 'Only You' here, then get your tickets here. Read Popnography's review of their show last week in Oakland here.

Thursday, July 17: Eddie Izzard (above) is one funny Englishman. Maybe you've seen him in one of his eight comedy DVDs, in a film or two (Velvet Goldmine, The Avengers, or Oceans 12 and 13), or as the star of FX hit show The Riches. Still, the only way to really see him is in person. He's an awkward, mumbling, brilliant comic who, as he throws on dresses and makeup, claims he's a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Tonight he embarks on a three-night stint at San Francisco's Orpheum Theatre. Watch a clip from The Definite Article here, then get your tickets and see the rest of his tour itinerary here.