Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Friday, July 11: Southern California gays, get suited up! It's Pride Night at San Diego's Out at the Park, with the San Diego GALA Choruses presenting the National Anthem and the Padres and Atlanta Braves providing the sporno. Get your tickets here. Non-sports fans should try Bill Maher's new religio-documentary Religulous, in which the liberal comedian addresses the absurdity of religious extremism, even tackling gay Muslims. Watch the trailer here.

Saturday, July 12: Tacoma, Washington, may not be the gayest place on the West Coast, but this weekend it comes damn close with its own Out at the Park at Lincoln-Eldridge Park. This year's festival -- with art, live entertainment, and plenty of food for the Tacoma queer folks -- features Danielle Egnew (named one of the ten most powerful lesbians in music by Curve magazine) the soulful Kim Archer Band, and the campy, countryfied Purty Mouth. For details, directions, and sponsors, go here.

Sunday, July 13: It's time to get wet and get out of the city. Pitch a tent with the San Francisco Gay Sierrans as the group takes a raft along the American River (near Colma/Placerville). Nearly 150 gays are expected to paddle, splash, feast, and then (here's hoping) cuddle by the fire, so make your reservation here.