Everyone is (Still) Gay


By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Do you think you give gay fans unfair expectations?
Yeah, like, do they feel like I'm just trying to market to them? Because I'm not. We use language and tags to make things fit into boxes. Something like sexuality isn't so easily defined by saying one thing or another. I even had this argument with my girlfriend. She works with a lot of men that later on realized they were gay. She's of the persuasion that if you make out with a dude that you're gay. I'm like, no, they're bi, or some people just like to experiment. My feeling is not that you're gay or not gay -- it's like Nirvana says, "Everyone is gay." What does that even mean, that you're gay? The fact that we try to define it as you're gay, straight or you're bi -- what is that? People don't always fit nicely into categories like that.

How do you think an out gay artist would fit into the Decaydance family?
I feel like we'd be all cool with it. I guess it depends on how the gay person is. We have a lot of gay friends, and the ones that are really out and very comfortable with it make everyone else comfortable with it. You can joke around. Part of our thing is we talk on shit on each other on everything. We'll get into shit-talking matches. We'll make fun of each other for everything -- me being an immigrant, me being Jewish, whatever. In a way, that's a very good old boy, hetero thing to do, to make fun of certain things. But hetero dudes never make fun of their sexuality -- or do they? I don't know.

Maybe not where they're the butt of the joke.
We're the butt of our jokes, hard-core, all the time. As long as that person was really out, and comfortable with themselves, and could hang with that kind of humor that we have -- then it would be OK. Our humor's really fucked up, and I love that. We make the craziest jokes.

If you weren't on Pete's label, would you worry more about what you say?
What's brought us all together is that we grew up in a very similar environment. The Academy Is... and Fall Out Boy grew up in the same scene in Chicago, and I grew up in a very analogous scene in Jersey. Pete and I definitely have a consensus. We don't talk about things, but we're coming from the same place. We had those progressive views, being influenced by the same bands. Our vibe was the same about how you make music, how you record -- very D.I.Y., play by your own rules. I've never been in a situation where I felt like I wasn't going to just do what I do. That's why I play music in the first place -- you don't have to deal with that bullshit. If you don't like it, you can go fuck yourself. If I had a regular job, I might have to think about that a little more.

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